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With, you can turn videos into blogs or other contents and publish more without starting from scratch. Get access to numerous features that enhance and transform your content strategy effortlessly.

Essential Features

  1. AutoPilot: Repurpose videos and text cheaper while putting your content transformation on autopilot.
  2. Instant Content Creation: Generate social posts, newsletters, summaries, outlines, and more as soon as you hit publish.
  3. Parallel Content Generators: Run multiple content generators simultaneously, producing 10x more content in the same time compared to traditional platforms.
  4. Platform-Specific Writing Styles: Set a distinct writing style for different publishing channels, like LinkedIn and blogs.
  5. Knowledge Base Integration: Build a knowledge base of marketing content that layers on top of the core AI model.
  6. Content Search: Search your social media posts, blogs, PDFs, YouTube transcripts, and books to find old content worth repurposing.

Use Cases

  1. YouTube Repurposing: Automatically generate SEO-optimized blog posts from your YouTube videos, enabling autopilot for hands-off content transformation.
  2. Social Media Sharing: Convert blog content into Twitter threads and native LinkedIn posts, driving consistent content publishing across platforms.
  3. PDF and Long Video Summarization: Extract key points from lengthy PDFs and 1+ hour videos to engage audiences in various content consumption formats.

Opinion is a game-changer in the world of marketing. It empowers content creators and marketers with AI-driven tools that make content repurposing intuitive, efficient, and highly productive. The platform's robust features simplify tasks and boost content output, making it the go-to resource for marketing professionals seeking more consistent engagement across multiple channels. Expand your marketing horizons with, and experience content creation like never before!

Our Vision

AI is often seen as a threat to human presence, but it’s crucial to remember that it’s merely a tool. Like electricity, its potential depends on how we utilize it. At Upbeator, we aim to empower you with knowledge about AI tools, enabling you to harness their wonders instead of fearing them.