Artificial Intelligence Deciphers Customer Reviews: Amazon's Newest Innovation

Amazon has launched an AI feature that simplifies customer reviews into short summaries, helping potential buyers get a quick understanding of past customers' opinions on a product. This feature is presently available to some US mobile customers. Amazon plans to use more generative AI technology to improve customer experiences. The AI generates a paragraph summarizing the sentiments about the product based on verified customer reviews. Amazon looks forward to extending this feature to more product categories and customer groups in the future.

amazon using AI

Broadening Horizons Through Generative AI

The development is a small component of Amazon’s overarching plan to leverage generative AI technologies to optimize customer experiences. As per a recent announcement by Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, the company shows immense interest in this direction.

Mechanics of the New Feature

The artificial intelligence algorithmically generates a compact paragraph reflecting the subjective sentiments concerning product attributes frequently cited in written reviews.

It also offers pre-determined attribute-related keywords that customers can click on to delve deeper into specifics such as ‘ease of use.’

Ensuring credibility and authenticity, these AI-crafted summaries draw exclusively from the opinions of customers who made verified purchases, as stated by Amazon’s Director of Community Shopping, Vaughn Schermerhorn, in his recent writings.

Case Study: First Glimpse into Product Summaries

A preliminary look into the workings of this feature was provided by a CNBC report featuring a children’s cauldron toy, “Magic Mixies”.

The AI-generated summary highlighted contrasting customer reviews – some praised its entertainment value, aesthetic appeal, and overall performance. In contrast, others criticized its high price and had issues with quality and charging.

A Feature Adapting with Feedback

Amazon emphasizes the customer-centric nature of these AI customer review summaries. The company affirms the basis of these summaries on customer inputs and anticipates broadening its application to additional product categories and customer groups in the imminent future.

Our Vision

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